Have you heard of the book 50 Shades of Grey?  I heard of it from several of my girlfriends and it intrigued me.  What kind of a book can be touching the lives of so many women I know?  I looked into it a little bit and learned it’s fondly referred to as ‘mommy porn’ which got me hook, line, and sinker.  Afterall, I’m a mommy.  If the book is so mainstream, it can’t be thaaaaaat bad, right?  I was a little nervous and unsure. . .  

I received a Kindle Fire on Mother’s Day.  You know the first book on there was 50 Shades of Grey.  I have to share with you, I’ve never read smut.  I remember as a teen, sneaking to read a Judy Blume book, and thought I was so naughty reading a book that included content about a girl’s period.  I was so squeaky clean . . . .

As my husband downloaded the book, I was mixed with emotions – unsure I should be reading smut, excited about what I was in for, and started reading immediately.  I was done with the book in 48 hours.  I don’t think I’ve ever read a book in two days.  I’m not a big reader (until now).

Boy, oh boy, the book had me hook, line, and sinker in deed.  Whew!!

As I read, I was glued to the Kindle.  I was mesmerized at how attached I was to the story and what would happen next.  The sexual tension was extremely HOT!!  I could’ve so easily avoided reading it because I could’ve gotten wrapped up in my mind’s talk about it ‘not being appropriate’ for me to read it.  Fooey!  I was aware of the self limiting conversation in my head, and read the book anyway.

My teenage son was very interested in what I was reading.  He knows it included sexual content and was certainly surprised to see me reading so much.  I actually activated the password feature on my Kindle so he’s not tempted to sneak anything while I’m away from my Kindle.

Yes, I read mommy porn!  I’m on the third book of the trilogy series and I’m already upset that it’s going to end.  : (  I’ve already asked a sex therapist friend for suggestions of what to read next.

This is my life.  I’ll make choices to suit me.  Yes, I read smut.  It’s eye opening, intriguing, sexy, (I have to admit) educational, and oh so sizzling hot!!


I’m sharing all this with you to ask you what sexy stuff do you steer away from because others may think it’s not ‘appropriate’?  Please share below.  I also suggest, if something appeals to you, do it!!  Don’t ever hold back on living your life.  If you want to go to a strip club, do it.  If you want to pole dance, do it.  If you want to read smut, I recommend it!