Wow!  It’s the evening before I’m about to announce I’m selling my business, Positive Energy Dance Fitness for Women.  I’ve poured my heart and soul in to creating a special sacred space for women to move and stretch in ways they may have never felt comfortable enough to do previously.  I’m certain I’ve touched over 1000 women’s lives, and this is truly rewarding, beyond belief.  Words cannot capture this unique experience and journey to this point.

I’m very excited about what’s next for me.  I desire to continue working with women in the fitness arena; promoting genuine sisterhood, teaching them to love their bodies, to unleash their sexy, and to be fit and healthy.  I will accomplish this with leading dance fitness classes, fun parties, explorative workshops, and super supportive coaching programs.

I am very pleased I still get to teach at the studio when the new owner takes over in a week.

I am proud.  I am grateful.  My heart is full with the energy of the women at Positive Energy.

This is a new chapter for me in my life.  Bring it on!