I love to nurture, take care of, and love my family up and down.  I tap in to this energy and vibe when I get frustrated folding too much laundry or assigning consequences.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr . . . . . . .  Can you relate?  But (I know I’m not supposed to begin a sentence with ‘but’) you know what one task, I truly enjoy (almost all the time)?

I truly enjoy nurturing my family in this special way.  I feed my family fabulously (at least I think so).  I put time and energy in to selecting healthy food items that taste good.  For instance, yesterday I began to make a stew in a crockpot that my family ate this evening.  It was yummy delicious with protein, produce, and grains.  It was delicious.  In general I just throw stuff together, whatever I think will work well together.  Occasionally, I look at recipes for inspiration.

I start feeding my family real well by making smart choices at the supermarket.  Here are TWO powerful habits for the supermarket:

1.   Bring your own bags.  There are enough plastic bags floating in the ocean.  We don’t need more.  Please bring your own bags.

2.  Skip aisles to avoid temptation.  Skip the ice cream aisle, prepared frozen foods section, soda aisle, and cookies and chips aisles.  Most of your time should be in the produce area stocking up on fruits and veggies, and then get make your smart choices in picking out healthy, lean, proteins to complement your produce.  Don’t forget about your grains too.

Do you skip any aisles in the supermarket?  If so, which ones?  If not, are you ready to skip some aisles?  Which ones are you willing to give up?  Please share below.

I’m considering sharing some delicious recipes.  Does this interest you?  Let me know below.