According to the online Merrian-webster dictionary, PLEASURE is ‘a source of delight or joy’.  Now I ask you, what is your daily pleasure?  Way too often, as adults, we forget about fun.  We’re so damn busy getting to work on time, getting the kids to their activities on time, getting dinner on the table on time, and we forget about PLEASURE for ourselves!  Can you relate?

As a woman, you may feel stressed at times with the weight of responsibility.  I know I feel it.  It’s overbearing at times.

I’d like to introduce you to the practice of TIP – Today’s Intentional  Pleasure.  I begin each day stating my intentional pleasure for that day.  I actually write it down.  My intentional pleasure can be as simple as blowing bubbles, reading for 15 minutes, going for a walk, calling a friend, or sitting out in the sunshine.  I am worthy of pleasure every single day, just like YOU!  You’ve got to name it to claim it.  By expressing to yourself what it is you want, you are one tiny step closer to making it happen.  As you recognize what it is you want, begin to plan it in your day.  Plan for it and make it happen.  You are so worthy of pleasure in every single day.  We’re not put on this earth simply to work, eat, and sleep!!


What is your intentional pleasure for today?  Please share with us.  Again, it could be as simple as dancing to your favorite song, or reading for 15 minutes.  You choose.