I’m all fired up and excited. I’m making some break through’s in managing my health. I’ve been searching for guidance outside of me, a lot. I now realize I am my best healer. I need to really check in and listen to my body wisdom/intuition.

I know you may think this is silly, but  . . .

my naturopath gave me a medical food powder to use twice a day. When I opened the canister and saw the powder, I was shocked. It was the fakest looking color ever. My body reacted with disgust.

Since I am now paying close attention to my body wisdom, I told the naturopath, ‘nope, I will not be drinking that shake’. It felt so good to take a stand for me.

You may think this little transaction is meaningless and that’s ok. It’s meaningful to me and I’m simply sharing.

I took it one step further and had a difficult conversation with my naturopath to determine whether we’re a good fit. I explained I’d like her to review lots of articles I’ve printed from the internet and I’d like her input on my research. She said she can do that. :)   I also asked her if she thinks I can heal or remain stable. She didn’t quite respond to that question they way I wanted. : |

These little discoveries are giving me strength and peace.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . . . .