OK, am I the only Mom who has eaten the children’s Easter candy before Easter arrived and had to go out to buy more for the Easter baskets?

Am I the only one who could easily eat a dozen Costco chocolate chip cookies between the time I wake up in the morning and the time I go to bed at night (so delicious)?

Am I the only one who could easily go a day without eating any vegetables or fruits?

Am I the only one who says to myself ‘I shouldn’t be eating this’, while I’m eating something unhealthy?

This WAS me, but NOT ANYMORE!

I’ve made changes in my life to feel better, gain more body confidence, and feel unstoppable. I’m so excited about my new lifestyle. I want to shout it from the mountain tops about how you too can feel so good!

I’m creating a new program for those who are putting on their Spring clothes and it feels as though the clothes have shrunk during the Winter months. Keep checking back. More information is coming.