I didn’t hear about vision boards until my 30’s, but unknown to me, they were working for me in my 20’s?!?!  You may wonder how could that happen, right?  This is what happened. . . . .

The first home I shared with my husband was a rented two bedroom apartment in Stamford, CT.  We were eager to begin our real adult life together as husband and wife and buy a home.  In order to keep us on track, I put a poster board on the wall which included a goal of how much money we wanted to save each week, plus the actual money we saved each week, and pictures of houses, furniture, appliances, and anything else we would like to see as part of our home one day.

We saved.  We browsed through home magazines (no internet back then for use in our home), cut out our favorites and taped them to the poster board.  We looked at houses.  We searched home magazines for paint colors, floor tile, furniture, and cut them out and taped them to the poster board.  We looked at houses for a loooooooooong time.  We were very price conscious and wanted something a little different.

Back then, I knew what I wanted and was creating a visual goal I was working towards.  Honestly, we never really looked at the poster board unless we were taping something to it.  We didn’t treat it as a shrine in any way.  It was more about goal setting and achievement, but honestly we totally ignored the board on most days.

There was one cold, ugly, rainy day in the Fall of 1993 that I didn’t want to go look at any houses, but I did at my husband’s persistence.  On that day, we discovered our very first home.  We loved it.

Weeks later as we began to pack up our Stamford apartment, I noticed the picture of the house we purchased was on the poster board.  We didn’t realize it until we were actually packing.  Crazy, isn’t it?

In hindsight, our board was in fact a vision board.  It was what we wanted, desired, and yearned for.  It was part of the vision of our lives together as husband and wife.  It’s important to know what you want in life to begin to attract it and make it happen.  Do you know what you want?


Think about it a little bit and share – what do you want?  You’ve got to name it to claim it!  Please share your greatest desires.  This can be the start of them becoming reality, right here, right now.  Freaky cool and wild, huh?