I bet you can answer the following questions pretty easily:

What is your relationship like with your mom?

What is your relationship like with your son?

What is your relationship like with your food?

BUT, what about your relationship with your body?  What is that relationship like?  Do you pause with uncertainty?  Do you love it, hate it, appreciate it, or what?  What do you think about your toes?  Your feet?  Your calves?  Your ass?  Your breasts? Your face?  Your hair?

Is this an uncomfortable conversation that makes you squirm?

Why does it make you squirm?

How does this uneasiness about your body feel?

I’m going to take a guess here.  It doesn’t feel good, does it?

I think the motivating factor for millions of workouts is body hatred.  People hate their great big round ass, so they do an extra half hour on the treadmill.  People hate their big belly so they deprive themselves of their favorite foods.  People hate their heavy thighs so they workout ten times a week.  Personally, I think it’s a bit CRAZY, and sad too.  Although, I’m part of the health and wellness industry, I hate this part of it.  The body hatred feels awful and can sometimes cause depression which makes you want to sit home in front of the TV with another pint of ice cream.  You wouldn’t wish it on anybody, would you?  Come on, I’ve been there.  I like my Ben and Jerry’s (a whole lot).

You get to choose what you think of your body.  You can choose thoughts of self destruction, or thoughts of love.  I vote for thoughts of love.  Replace the negative, harmful thoughts to ones of love, acceptance, and gratitude.  If this sounds too difficult, please call me at 860-210-0010 to discuss.  I’d love to support you through this.

It’s time (probably past time) to switch from body hatred to a whole lot of body love.  It feels tremendous, all the time.


Try out the following and let me know how it goes for you . . .

Exercise out of love for your body.  Go for a walk as a gift to your body.  Try a new fitness class out of gratitude for your body.   Eat a great big bowl of green veggies because you care about your body’s health.  Get enough sleep to nurture your body.