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Show OFF!

Dear Penelope - show off

Dear Penelope, Show off! Yeah, YOU! I lit a candle yesterday at my spiritual home community to share and celebrate my fun flying on the trapeze, climbing the toughest ropes courses, and balancing through...


It’s been awhile . . .

Dear Penelope - it's been awhile

Dear Penelope, It’s been awhile since I’ve written you. How do the meds feel? Do you hate them? Do you hate me? I know you’re still here. I pause. Why exactly are you still...




I showed up on Sunday ready to fly on the trapeze. I showed up as Joni, strong and courageous. I let the staff know I shake so as not to be concerned if they...


My Super Power


The power to choose my thoughts and what I think of my Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis is my super power. I can choose to sit and sulk, or I can choose to stand in my...


Big Reality Check

This is a new discovery of mine, or maybe simply a confirmation of what I already knew. You may not feel the same way, and that’s OK. I’m not right and you wrong. I’m...