When I read people‚Äôs experiences with Parkinson’s, they refer to being isolated and losing many friends. This is a concern of mine, a big concern.

I’ve made an extra effort this year to get out of the house and make new friends. Some of these new friends are among my closest friends now. :)

This is my concern . . .

What if my body is uncontrollable and I don’t want to leave the house? Will my friends come to visit? Which friends will stay in contact with me? Which friends will lose contact with me? Which friends will make the time to spend time with me? Which friends may feel uncomfortable to see me? Will the conversation change?

I ponder: What does love and support for a person with Parkinson’s look like? Right now, I honestly don’t know. I think it’s got to be a two way conversation between myself and my friend/loved one about what I need or want for love and support.

I imagine, I may be quiet sometimes and be the best listener ever.

Other times, I may want to dump, release, and share my experiences. I may also need a shoulder to cry on.

Other times, I may want to sit side by side in silence sipping tea.

Loved Ones, if this disease progresses like what I read about, please don’t let go. I will still want to hear about the great joys in your life.

Your visit or phone call will bring me joy.

For now, I live in the present and roll around and dance in the love I receive daily.

I am filled to the brim with gratitude.