I recently learned of a movie – The Connection, about the mind body connection. This speaks directly to me since I used to teach all about Mind Body Fun through movement and conversation.

I invited my family to join me on the couch Sunday night to watch together. It’s been awhile since the 4 of us sat on the couch together to watch a movie. That alone was a wonderful experience.

Throughout the movie, I received many little nuggets of valuable information.

I received confirmation that being social is super important in our lives. We are social creatures and need to connect with others. I often say, ‘my friends are my healers’. I am super social at this point in my life. I meet my friends for tea, or a walk often. I’m extending myself in new ways to make new friends. It feels wonderful. It feels right. I’ve joined some meetup groups, a book club, and I’ve reconnected with old friends from high school. It’s real nice.

I was reminded how important meditation is. I’ve never done meditation for more than 10 days straight. I try, but it has never really clicked for me. My husband and I are going to attend meditation classes to learn more about it and develop a meditation practice.

I am yearning, wanting, desiring to meet someone I respect, believe, and connect with who truly believes I will release the disease from my body. It would be so incredibly powerful to speak with this person when I may be feeling down or doubtful. It was reassuring when one of the movie’s speakers expressed something similarly. His guru said to him, ‘you’re already healed’. Maybe, in a sense, I’m already healed . . . ?

That part of the movie really touched me. I started balling, crying. It’s sometimes real difficult to have the faith I can release the disease from my body. It would be incredibly powerful to have someone who believes with me.

Our lifestyles are go, go, go. It gets to be too much, way too much for our bodies to function optimally. The constant stress is harmful. It’s good to stop and take a break during stressful times. I’d like to take it one step further and create a peaceful, super low stress lifestyle.

You can learn more about the movie here: https://www.theconnection.tv/

Thoughtful Play Time:

How do you reduce stress in your life? Please share below. Thanks big bunches.