Your feminine energy is so crazy, sexy, HOT!!

YES, it is.  Unfortunately we hide it way too often.  We’re lazy, we’re tired.  Right?  Don’t you feel phenomenal when you’re on your game, completely present, and feeling incredibly crazy, sexy, hot?  Don’t play small here!  Why feel anything less than phenomenal?

I’ve got the sure fire way to bubble up that crazy, sexy, hot feminine energy in an instant, at any moment.  It’s kind of like a secret tool you have with you at all times.  I know, sometimes you forget about it . . . .

Let’s invite that energy to play fully in this game called life, ok?

All that magnificent energy is bottled up in your body language.  Pause for a moment.  Think of how you feel when you’re slumped over in your chair.  How do you feel when you’re walking, staring at the floor?  It feels like crap.

Now, use your incredible power of choice and change your body language.  Walk with your head up high, shoulders back.  Engage eye contact with anyone who comes within your gaze.  There’s no shame in your feminine, curvy, gorgeous body, just pride!  If you’re having an incredibly blah day and this isn’t working, and you need extra strength help, try this – do a super syrupy slow, great big hip roll.  You may choose to do this in private (like how Super Man changed in a telephone booth).  Stretch every curve you have in a wonderful hip roll.  It feels so delicious every time.


What ways do you change your state or your energy?  Please share your experience.  Thank you in advance.