Dear Penelope,

I went to my very first Parkinson’s fundraiser gala last night. Over 300 people gathered in your honor. Everyone dressed their best, smiled, laughed, danced, ate, and enjoyed a lovely evening.

Word on the street is: people hate you and they never want to see you again.

Simply writing those words create an uneasiness in my body. My shaking has heightened just for a little bit. I guess you don’t like those words either.

When I first began writing about my experience with Parkinson’s, I stated “I don’t want to fight anything”. I look for the lessons in your presence daily.

I have this idea. I can read, learn, exercise, explore, eat the right foods, live my best life, and ultimately discover the perfect recipe so you are free to complete your visit with me and say goodbye, forever.

I’m not looking for artificial ways to cover you up. Instead, I seek wisdom in coping with your presence. I want to find the root of the matter, fix that, and send you on your way.

It could happen, right?