Dear Penelope,

I’m curious. Why have you come to visit? I don’t mean, (why me?), I mean what’s the purpose of your visit?

I feel like there are lessons to learn from you. Is that your purpose or am I a wack-a-doo?

Are you here to challenge me?

Are you here to make life more interesting?

Are you here to raise my awareness of who I truly am?

Are you here to see how my truth, my essence may change as you impact my life experience?

Are you here to see if I can truly experience self-love if my body does not meet my expectations?

Are you here to remind me to be completely present in my body always?

Are you here to kick my ass to return to a fitness lifestyle?

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Dearest Joni,

There is so much to share with you, teach you,…

Honey, there’s no clear, concise, real reason why I came to visit you. Shit happens.

I know you may think it’s about exposure to toxins – you don’t eat organic, do you? Or maybe it’s because Terminix used to visit your home every month. Or is it your water?

Gee whiz, your society/culture creates fear in each of you. It’s kind of scary how huge this fear is.

I know you occasionally think I’m here because Parkinson’s may be hereditary? Do you think your father had Parkinson’s?

Joni, there’s no rhyme or reason.

Shit happens.

Get used to it. Be with it. Accept it. Dance with it. Live your life with it.

I am here. Deal with it.


Stuck on you,