Do you ever see opportunities to create pleasure, real pleasure, an explosion of pleasure?  When you see that, what do you do?  Run and hide?  Do you make every effort to participate and play full out?  Do you deny yourself?

I go in to my sensible mind and second guess – is it worth it?  Is that how I should spend my money?  How much pleasure will I really have?

Can you relate?  Well, what’s a girl to do?

Get out of your sensible head, would you?  Cut it out!  How often do you think from this place of being sensible when it comes to signing up your children for an activity he/she expresses he/she wants?  You do everything you can to make it happen, right?  That’s really sweet of you.  I mean, really.  It’s very nice of you.

I request you do the same for YOU!!  Take a stand for yourself and take care of every little obstacle that comes up that may get in your way to get what you want.  I have to be honest, I’m working on this.  You see, I’m very driven by pleasure in the work that I do.  Pleasure is my driving force.  But, personally, I can come up with 10 reasons why I shouldn’t do something for myself personally.  I know, it’s kinda’ crazy!

I have to be honest with you and share a story . . . .

In general, I don’t like to shop.  It was December 2011 and I wanted a new winter hat.  You see, I didn’t need a new winter hat, but I wanted one.  It was my pleasure.  I really like hats.  I dreaded the idea of going in to a retail store during the holiday season to shop for myself.  I didn’t want to wait on long lines.  I assumed it would take too long to find something I liked.  I didn’t want to deal with the crowds.  I just didn’t want to be bothered.

Well, you know what happened?  My darling husband took a stand for my pleasure and stopped at a department store on our way home from somewhere, for the sole purpose of finding a hat for me.  He gave me no choice – we were going.  Guess what?  I found a few hats I liked.  In fact, I purchased two hats and love them.

Can you relate to this?  Do you deny yourself frequently?  Why?  Don’t deny the pleasure.  Don’t your dare deny it!

I take a stand for my pleasure.  Will you?

I’m a lovely work in progress, loving life.


Share what comes up for you.  Do you take action, whatever it takes, on your pleasure?