Do you LOVE a good sundae?  I love piling everything to make a great big salad sundae.  Yes, salad sundae!  Don’t get me wrong – I do love a good, delicious chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and some reddi wip on top, but most days, I’m making salad sundaes.  Instead of piling on the ice cream scoops and sauces, I pile veggies, grains, and proteins.

Check out my first master piece, worthy of sharing with you.  I started with mixed grains (brown rice and quinoa) and green beans (leftovers from a previous night) and briefly warmed them up in the microwave.


Next, I added my greens, prewashed.  My favorite is this one from Costco.  I get it every week.  The more color in your greens, the more nutrient filled they are.






After that, I rummage through my fridge and pick out anything tastey.  I added tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, a drizzle of olive oil, and a sprinkle of kosher salt.
This is so simple and quick to assemble.  Is this a part of your routine?  I do this at least 4 days a week, sometimes 7.  I LOVE knowing I got such a bountiful dose of veggies in my food intake for the day.  I highly recommend a good dose of veggies at lunch time.



I’d like to share my salad sundaes with you at least once per month to encourage you to eat healthy and maybe introduce you to something new to toss in with your next salad.

Now, I’d like to know how you build your salad sundae.  What do you put in it / on it?  Please share below.