“Enjoy the Present” can be read in two different ways.  It can be read as a directive to enjoy the present, like enjoy the gift I bought you. It’s always nice to enjoy a present.

There’s a life lesson with the other way to read it:  “Enjoy the present” as in enjoy the present tense.  Enjoy this present moment in time.  I LOVE this idea.  It’s great to recognize the good in life and be grateful.  It feels so delicious.

Right now, at this very moment, you may choose to enjoy this exact moment in time; relaxing, searching through this site, poking around, and simply being.  Doesn’t it feel good to enjoy the present?

I enjoy the present; sharing my ideas and thoughts with the world in the comfort of my home office, with my husband’s desk right next to mine.  I so enjoy working on projects, side by side with my honey (aka my husband).

Are you enjoying your present right now?  If so, whatcha’ doing?  Are you by yourself or with others?  Is there music playing?  Please share . . . . .