I’d like to share with you from my sad heart today. . . .

My Dad died on Friday, February 10, 2012.  I was with him as his body began to let go of this realm and die.  It was a peaceful, simple death.  I arrived in his room as his breathing took a downturn and he died within 90 minutes.

As a result of my very first adult, self improvement course I took, I faced my fears and shared with my Dad what I thought of  him throughout my childhood.  My biggest complaint was that I didn’t see him enough.  He worked all the time.  I shared from my heart, shared my truth and experience as a little girl.  I released those emotions and took action to spend time with him.

I took him out to breakfast many times.  I met him on his 80th birthday to go on the treadmill with him (I wish I had a picture of that).  I took him to the barber (that was so cute).  I took the lead on his care during a long difficult hospital experience a couple years ago.  I’ve been a good daughter.

I’m grateful I attended my first self improvement course 6 years ago.

I’m grateful I shared with my Dad.

I’m grateful for my direct honesty with my Dad.

I’m grateful I chose to make the effort to spend more time with my Dad.

I’m grateful for my awareness that my Dad was not always going to be here.

I’m grateful I spent his last Sunday evening with him for an hour, just he and I.

I’m grateful my Dad’s aches and pains are over.

I’m grateful for the artwork my Dad did for my previous business.

I’m grateful for every time my Dad sat on the floor to play with my children.

I’m grateful for the conversations about what to make for dinner and how to cook it.

I’m grateful he was retired when I still lived at home with my parents.

I’m grateful for the little tiny heart shaped chocolates he bought me each year on Valentine’s Day.

I’m grateful for his love.

I’m grateful for being with him as he died.

I’m grateful . . .

Who do you love?  Will they always be with you?  No.  Share your love.  Share time with your loved ones.