Hey Beauty.  YES!!  Beauty!!  Does that make you cringe?  Do your eye brows squoosh up in disgust (like when I’m watching a dumb stupid video)?  Does it release a nervous giggle?  If yes, this is what I have to say to you – ‘Cut It Out’!!  Really, cut it out right now.

When I refer to your beauty, I’m not asking you if you look like a model on a magazine cover?  Let’s be completely honest.  What we see in print is the talent of a team – style, hair, make-up, and of course, the graphic designers who are creating the final image.  That’s it, an image.  I’m not referring to the images on the magazine covers (and pages within).

Beauty is who you are now, in all your glory, worthy of an abundance of love exactly as you are.  Beauty is your purest potential and possibility.  Beauty is yours, if you’re willing to accept it.  Don’t be frightened by it.  Enjoy it.  You are beautiful.

Who does it serve or benefit when you’re denying your beauty?  How are you best serving yourself with the disbelief in your beauty?  Does it feel good?  NOPE!  Does it win friends and lovers when you’re uncomfortable with your beauty?  NOPE!  Well, I digress.  You may gain some whining, ‘woe is me’, ‘life sucks’ kind of friends, but is that what you want?  NOPE, I didn’t think so.

Claim your beauty dammit!  Admit it.  Think it – I am beautiful.  Be it.  Feel it.  Embrace it.  Embody it.  Be beauty.  You are beautiful.  Believe me.  Roll around in it.  Play with it.

I had a REAL issue with my beauty in my early 20’s.  I was working in a business office and as I stood in my boss’s office doorway, he said, ‘hi Beauty’.  I gasped silently to myself and then went on and on about:

Beauty?  Are you crazy?  I don’t want to be seen as beautiful.  I want to be seen for my smarts, not my looks.  How dare he?  I don’t want to be the pretty girl in the office.  I want to be the smart girl in the office.  I want to be respected and treated according to who I am as a professional, not what I look like in a skirt.

This little experience had a huge impact on me.  Since then, I’ve learned and completely embraced the fact that I can be smart and beautiful.  In fact, my ‘smarts’ is part of my Beauty. This is available to every woman.  My boss may have been unprofessional at the time, but that part didn’t even bother me so much.  In fact, maybe my boss saw my beauty exactly as I’m defining it now.  My limited beliefs about beauty is what caused my upset.

Over twenty years later, now I know, I am beautiful right at this moment and in all my unlimited potential.  As I am the source of love for myself, I can genuinely be a source of pure love for my loved ones.



Please share how you have responded throughout your life to compliments about your beauty.  Did you agree, or get frustrated?