I am not my body.


I am honesty

I am curious

I am delighted

I am creative


I am expressive

I am thoughtful

I am love

I am truth


I am not my body.


I am movement

I am smooth

I am an exercise in authenticity

I am strength


I am courage

I am expansion

I am life experience

I am thoughts


I am not my body.



The words above have come to mind after thinking often about what’s ahead of me. My body, my shell, the part of me you see may begin to function differently, look differently, and may (honestly) piss me off.

I may stumble. I may fall. I may slur my words. I may noticeably shake all over, all the time. I may lose my voice. I may choke on my food. I may lose my fabulous posture. I may lose strength. I may walk slowly. And the list goes on and on.

I realize the list is not me.

Who I’m being in dealing with all those possibilities is who I am.

I am my spirit. I am my essence.

Loving my body is simply a choice. This is true. I desire to always choose an abundance of body love, even when my body does not meet the simplest of expectations.

This is what I think about, this is how I currently feel at this moment. But honestly, will I love my body, or will I be pissed off, bitter, and angry?

Right now . . .