My heart is filled with gratitude in reflection of my vacation with my family in Cancun last week.  I LOVED IT!!

As part of an intenSati class, we say the words, ‘I ask and I receive’.  It means, if I state what I want, believe whole heartedly the universe will provide, and take action, my desire will manifest.  This happened to me last week, and I almost turned it down!  Crazy, huh?

This is what happened . . . .

I was sitting on a lounge chair by the ocean’s edge chatting with my sister-in-laws and I saw someone floating on a float in the distance.  I told my sister-in-laws ‘I want to do that’ and within 4 seconds (literally) a float came crashing in with the waves and smacked right in to MY lounge chair.  Isn’t that so cool?  You know what happened next?  I actually hesitated and thought it may be rude to leave my sister-in-laws.  I actually considered denying myself this great pleasure.  I reflect back on it as temporary insanity!  I went out on that float and LOVED it!!

When you share a desire, be mindful and aware of how the universe may deliver exactly what you desire.  You may want $$ so you expect it to show up in your mailbox.  Well, you know what?  It may arrive as a new opportunity to make money.  The universe is pretty slick.

With all that said, I desire more vacations!