I did it!  I did it!  I led my first full day event and was in my pleasure sharing my life lessons with women in sisterhood.  Woo hoo!!  The feedback was fabulous and it felt great to connect with the women.


To be perfectly honest, I had to get through some of my own sh*t to make the event happen.  I considered cancelling for a few different reasons.  I had to remind myself of my very own lessons to move forward in a positive way.


First of all, I was aware of the thoughts in my head:

  • People may already know everything I had to share
  • People may not actually come
  • People may not have electricity and may not come
  • Candlelight Farms Inn electricity will probably not be restored in time
  • People may not like what I was sharing
  • Whine, whine, cranky, cranky . . . . and it went on, and on, and on.


Once I had the awareness of these thoughts, I quickly realized they came from fear.  Upon this valuable recognition, I actively chose new thoughts.  I chose to think from a place of love.

  • There was love of self – me.  I honored my desire to host an event to share my greatest life lessons.  I took a stand for myself in my desire to serve, share, and impact people’s lives.
  • There was love for the women I’d be sharing with, some of whom I had never met before.  I invited them.  Who was I going to be if I bailed?  Is that who I want to be?  NO!
  • There was love in acting with integrity and keeping my word to the Candlelight Farms Inn to use their beautiful space on the selected date.
  • There was love in believing and knowing I have valuable lessons to share.
  • There was love in recognizing the fear, replacing the fear with love, and making choices accordingly.
  • and I chose to lead the event.


One of the lessons I teach is to live life from a place of love.  I had to remind myself of this and take the appropriate action.  I felt the fear and did it anyway!  I showed up to deliver a valuable, fun, inspirational day of self-discovery and that’s exactly what I did.  I am grateful.


Another lesson I teach is to be your best selfDO NOT PLAY SMALL to accommodate what you think others may think of you.  Well, gee whiz – that’s exactly what I was doing.  I became overwhelmed of what the response may be when I authentically shared my life’s lessons.  I stepped in to the greatest version of me and shared.


The event was a success.  There was stretching beyond one’s comfort zone, sisterhood, meaningful conversation, authentic sharing and more.  I touched each person’s life in a positive way.  I am truly grateful.



How often do you feel the fear and do it anyway?  Please share below.  Thanks.
Maybe you’re afraid right now to share?  I recommend you feel the fear and do it anyway!