I hate saying, ‘I have Parkinson’s Disease’.  It is extremely uncomfortable.  It’s not because I wish I didn’t have it   Parkinson’s is not a happy thing and I didn’t sign up for ‘not a happy thing’.

You know what I think?  According to some doctors (who are people like you and me), I have Parkinson’s Disease.  It’s their opinion.  That’s it . . .

I prefer to refer to it as a diagnosis, simply the doctors’ opinions.

This is my experience – if I say, ‘I have Parkinson’s Disease’, I’m signing up for the Parkinson’s experience of losing my mobility, losing my independence, losing body functions, losing an active lifestyle, losing my mind, and losing so much more.  Parkinson’s Disease is degenerative.  It gets worse and worse over time.  I read online, I can lead my current lifestyle for up to 10 to 15 years.  Oh yeah??  What the hell happens after 15 years?  In 15 years, I’ll only be 60 years old!

According to me, I shake, some of my movement is rigid, my walk is a little off, and I’m uncoordinated at times.  This is my experience today, at this moment.  This is my focus.  This is my rock.  This is my foundation for the unknown ahead of me.

This is my story . . .  in 15 years I’ll be healthy, independent, exercising daily, taking pleasure in cooking healthy meals for myself and loved ones, and loving life.

I have to admit, I occasionally think about the doom and gloom of life with Parkinson’s 20 years from now.  I’m aware I really don’t know what it will be like so I’m living in the present moment, because I’m sure of how I feel in my body right now – strong and healthy with gratitude and love.