I Hate to Say It, but . . .  I’m a little like my Mom, just a little bit.

When my Mom experiences pain, I always suggest she take Tylenol.  It’s the simple, obvious action to take, right?  She turns it down often.  I didn’t understand this for a long time. In fact, I teased her ‘it’s as though you wear your pain as a badge of honor. You don’t need to experience the pain.  Take your Tylenol.’ She continues to turn it down quite often, which made no sense to me, until now.

You see, I can take more medicine and lessen my shaking, but I choose to turn it down (just like my Mom).

I choose to think I can handle this.

My Mom chooses to think she can handle it too. She gets to make very few decisions, living in a light dimentia unit in an assisted living facility. She’s exercising her power of choice.

It’s funny how your mindset can change when you’re in a similar situation.

Honestly, is it funny, or is it a life lesson?

I choose to say my mantras, eat well, exercise regularly, use essential oils, live from a place of love, meditate, live my life, turn down bigger doses of meds, and release the Parkinson’s symptoms.

My Mom chooses to say ‘No’ to the Tylenol.

I know, we may be crazy. But you know what? We may be brilliant in exercising our power of choice. That part feels good.


Have you ever noticed a difference of opinion in your life when you experienced being in someone else’s shoes? What’s your life lesson?