Writing and sharing my story is an exercise of authenticity and socialization for me.

Last year was a monumental year in my life:  I made the most money I ever made, I exercised the least, AND it was the sickest year of my life. I had an awful Ulcerative Colitis flare up.  I was pooping blood, experienced high fevers, and almost needed a blood transfusion.  I only left the house for doctor visits for two months.  Prednisone saved me, thank goodness.  I also had an unwelcome, never ending bad cough.  With the nicer Spring weather I got a terrible, nasty case of poison ivy from pulling weeds in my garden.  The year was topped with my diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease (or my actual realization of the diagnosis).

All this, and I only took two sick days off from work.

Gee – what life lesson can I learn from that? (said with a hint of sarcasm and a smile)

Although money is nice, there are other things that are so much more important.  My body’s physical health.  My emotional state.  My brain.  My relationship with self.  My own personal growth.

As I worked from home full time for 2013, I retreated from LIFE.  My entire focus was my family and my job.  This is crazy because I used to teach women to engage in life, live life, and make YOU a priority. Can you believe it? Yes, I do believe it, because it happens.  Life happens.  In hind sight, I was hibernating, waiting, and preparing for the perfect moment to come back to life. I hit my rock bottom with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease last summer which only propelled me in to this very moment:  communicating with hundreds with my writing and being a source of inspiration to many. I feel as though I fell down a rabbit hole, I just jumped out, and life is so much better now.  I love meeting new people, trying new experiences, and exploring what’s next for me.

Now I choose to take care of my body better than ever.  Exercise is not about looking good or losing weight.  It’s about something so much bigger.  Exercise slows down the degenerative process of Parkinson’s Disease.  Honestly, I want to stop it in its tracks and release it from my body with a simple, easy holistic/alternative approach I can share with  millions.

It’s healing for me to share my story.  It encourages me to be super honest with myself  and continue to share my grand life journey.