I know I’m taking a HUGE risk in sharing this with you.  I may never be invited to another BBQ again. . . .

I went to a BBQ over the weekend and I listened to my friend’s response when I asked her, ‘what may I bring?’.  She replied, ‘Nothing’.  You know what?  I brought nothing.  Even though other friends of hers had bought salads, sausage and peppers, desserts, and more, I chose to listen to my friend, take the simpler route, and simply show up empty handed, YES, empty handed.

I really like simple and pleasure. It was super simple to bring nothing.  It was my pleasure to read a book earlier in the day, instead of making a salad.  I let this steer my choice in bringing nothing.  I didn’t get caught up about with what others may think or say.  In fact, I joked about it at the party with the other friends who did in fact bring something.

I have to admit,  I was a wonderful guest.  I made tomato salad while I was there interacting with everyone.  I also packed up some of the leftovers and washed dishes (maybe now I’ll be invited to BBQs again?).

Be aware of your choices.  How can you implement simple and pleasure into your life?  Please share.   I can’t wait to read about it.