I never thought I’d do this, but I’m getting Botox injections.  This may surprise some, but the time has come to this (ha, ha).

Here’s the twist:  I’m getting injections in my left calf to relax my cramping left toes so my foot is not cramped/twisted in any way.  My cramped toes and foot are referred to as dystonia and is a symptom of Parkinson’s Disease.  There’s no pain with the dystonia, thank goodness.  Instead, there’s concern how this may affect the rest of my body.  Your feet and my right foot, walk heel toe, heel toe.  My left foot walks outside inside, outside inside.  Long term, I’m concerned how this may impact my spine, so I’m going for the Botox which was recommended by my neurologist.

My appointment is Tuesday.  Fingers crossed, this will work like a charm.