Don’t you love the excitement of children when they hear the ice cream man coming with his ice cream jingle in the distance?  They go CRAZY wild over ice cream.  Do you like getting ice cream from the ice cream truck too?  I liked it when my children were small and we shared our treats from the ice cream man.  They are way beyond that now and want their very own.

Personally, I prefer ice cream from an ice cream shop.  Yummmmmm . . . . . . .  I usualy decline the ice cream truck novelty items these days.  When I do have ice cream, I fully embrace the experience.
In order to be fit and healthy, I believe NO food is off limits, especially ice cream.  Do not deny yourself the pleasure of the cold and creamy delicious flavor.   As I eat my ice cream in pure pleasure, I savor every little bit of it.  My entire body feels the pleasure.  My 5 senses absorb the complete experience; the smell, sound, touch, sight, and of course the taste of it!  YUM!  As I take complete pleasure in my small, not so healthy delight, I am in my pure pleasure, in my power of choice, and I am guilt free.  My favorite is a magical blend of chocolate and peanut butter.  DEE-LISH!!

Way to often when we deny ourselves, and then we tend to go overboard and stuff ourselves.  Do you know what I mean?  I choose not to deny.  I eat small quantities (child’s size works well).  I am completely present in my choice of pleasure.  I only take in such delights with my favorites, worthy of my attention.  For instance, I’m not a potato chip fan so I’m not about to eat a bowl of potato chips.  If I’m ready to take in some extra food pleasure in that no so healthy category, it’s going to be a FAVORITE like ice cream or cookies and milk!  YUM!!

TAKE ACTION: Truly EXPERIENCE the ice cream or your super favorite not so healthy summer time food item!  If you’re going to have it, EXPERIENCE it.  Come back here and tell me all about it!!  What’s your favorite flavor?  What’s your favorite delivery of ice cream – in a bowl, on a cone, on a stick, or anything else?  Indulge, guilt free.  Try it, do it, and share the experience in the comments below!

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