Yes, I can see it in every woman, including YOU!  I’ve seen it.  I know exactly what it looks like.

Whenever I was hired to lead a pole dance party, the nervous energy in the room before we began was sizzling.  The women were unsure, scared of what I may ask them to do, and excited about what was ahead of them.  As I arrived, women were in the kitchen surrounding a crudité platter complaining about how many diapers they changed earlier that day.  I LOVE how the entire vibe changed when I started the music and we gathered around the pole.

As I put the music on, and moved my body freely without an ounce of being shy, all the women did the same.  It took some women a little longer to warm up and break thru their inner critic about possibly doing something wrong, but the results were the same.  It was always beautiful to see the women lessen their resistance to their Sexy Diva and allow it to play and dance.  There’s such a hot, juicy, radiant, explosive energy in a woman who drops the resistance and allows her greatness (including her Sexy Diva).

As time has passed since I’ve led the pole dance parties, a few people and parties stick out in my mind.  Two of the best experiences for me were to see two women in their 70’s at two different parties.  The sheer joy on their faces was breathtaking.  It was such a turn on to see these women embrace their sexy and have enormous FUN!  I actually have goose bumps on my legs as I type this to share with you.  It was a gift to me personally to witness these women doing something so outrageous and outside their comfort zone.  They fully embraced it and LOVED it!!

I am in awe of a woman who claims her sexy with certainty and pleasure.  I’m not referring to sex.  I’m referring to her all knowing certainty of self love exactly as she is.

I am truly grateful.

I see your Sexy Diva too!

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Do you ever hide your Sexy Diva?  What do you do to hide her?  Will you do anything wild like pole dance in your 70’s?  Please share below in the comments.