This is the first time I’m eating for my brain.  I know, it sounds weird, doesn’t it?

I’m eating a new way to have a healthy brain.  You see, Parkinson’s Disease is referred to as a neurological and brain disease.

A book recommendation came from two friends of mine, Marc and Rick.  I don’t have many male friends, so I find it quite interesting these two men (special men, previously my bosses at two different locations) reached out to me and recommended I read a book, and try a new way of eating.  It’s called the Grain Brain book.

This book, Grain Brain explains how our brains need fat and we should include fat in our daily intake from healthy sources, minimize the carbs, the sugar, and the processed foods, and avoid gluten.  This is my focus for now.

It’s crazy, but I’ve been through many different approaches to eating . . .

  • In high school I had a bet with Jessica on who can lose the most amount of weight in three weeks.  I slept every day after school to break the habit of eating cookies and milk when I got home from school.  I think I won the bet.
  • I ate low fat when my body builder, nutrition major boyfriend was eating low fat.
  • I did it again. At my first office job after college, I had a bet with Bob on who could lose the most amount of weight.  I don’t remember who won that one.
  • I watched my fiber intake when I did the Weight Watcher’s Fit and Fiber program, to lose weight a really long time ago.
  • I did the clean eating approach for quite a long time to be healthy and maintain my weight.
  • I ate the Paleo diet when I was sick with Ulcerative Colitis last year.
  • I eliminated some foods due to food allergies found in blood work last year.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve lost 20 pounds (and regained 20 pounds) about 5 times in my life.  Previous methods of eating were focused on losing weight.  Apparently, I know how to lose the weight, but it just keeps finding me again (ha, ha).

Do you have a similar love story with food?

This time, it’s very different.  I’m not eating to shed 20 pounds.  I’m eating to move smoothly again (without shaking), walk smoothly (without my crooked foot), and improve my coordination and overall well-being.

I’m grateful I’m taking my next step to make a difference in my experience with Parkinson’s Disease.

Fingers crossed.



What is your experience with following specific eating methods?  Are they all to lose weight?