YES, the blend of fun and fitness exists.

What is your stinkin’ thinkin’ around fitness?  Do you avoid exercise because it is too hard?  Too boring?  Too difficult?  Too sweaty?  Too competitive?  Too much work?  Hopeless?  There’s not enough time in the day?  WHAT is it?

As soon as you see your negative thinking on exercise, it’s the perfect time to turn it around!  It’s time to change things up and think a new way to support a healthy, thriving body.  There are so many fitness opportunities for you to enjoy.  I suggest you take a look around and discover something that rocks your world in fun and fitness.  YES, it’s possible to experience fitness as a source of fun.

It’s so much easier to commit to exercise when it’s more than simply a source of health.  If you’re truly enjoying the exercise, it will be so much simpler to make it a part of your routine.

Do you like to be competitive?  Maybe it’s time you enjoy and thrive with your competitive spirit?  Join a competitive sport.  Sports are not just for professional athletes and children.  How about training for a triathlon?

What did you love to do as a child?  Did you jump rope?  Did you run on a track team?  Research whether you find pleasure in the same activities as you enjoyed years ago?

Do you like to dance?  If so, there are so many dance fitness classes out there!  Check out my Belly Dance Fusion class or ZUMBA.

Are you a reflective, spiritual person?  I suggest you try yoga or my intenSati class.

Are you super independent or do you prefer to include some social interaction?  If you like to be alone, walking, running, and strength training are all good options.  If you like to be with others, fitness classes, team sports, and places like Curves are all great options.

If you hated an exercise program years ago, be open to trying it again.  Maybe, at this point in your life, you’ll love it.

There are many ways to locate the fitness service you are seeking.  Here are a few:

  • Google it in your area
  • Check with your local parks and recreation department
  • Check out for groups who get together for your favorite activity

I chose pole dancing as my primary exercise for years to fuel my fitness and pleasure.  Now, I focus on Belly Dance Fusion, intenSati, and Sensual Dance as my primary ways to be fit.  Belly Dance Fusion offers the wonderful movement of those super curvy hips we’ve been blessed with.  intenSati offers me the support and focus to be the best Joni I can be.  The Sensual Dance simply feels so dang delicious and fantastic.

What’s your pleasurable fitness option?

TAKE ACTION:  Put on your explorer hat and discover a new exercise program to try.  Please share in the comments your choice.  Share some inspiration.

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