Love From Students


Thank you for “giving me permission” to move and feel sensual.
- Penny

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love it and I had no idea what to expect.  I feel so wonderfully sexy and more comfortable in my own skin.  I am so very happy our paths have crossed.  Thank you for sharing you and what you do.
love, love, love, Becky




Thank you for leading us to feel lively and beautiful.  It was wonderful, fun, energetic,  . . . . . .  WONDERFUL class.  Looking forward to meeting you again.”




Joni, I cannot forget you…you made that party!!!  What fun they all had and they still talk about it….I always admired what you do to help women feel good about them selves, their bodies and minds.  I always thought you are the best….just good stuff that you do.  – Nancy



Belly dancing on the beach under the full moon with Joni was an amazing, fun experience. There was instant sisterhood and comraderie with all the participants as we shimmied and shook under the glow of the moon. Joni is an incredibly motivating instructor.  She has an inner light that shines upon everyone who meets her and her enthusiasm is nothing short of infectious. The moves were simple to follow, and with Joni’s seamless guidance, all of us were quick to learn the steps.

We had fun, laughed alot, and got a great workout all at once. Being at the beach was exhilarating and by the end of the night I felt lighter and happier, just to have been a part of this wonderful event. Kudos to Joni for this creative idea that has given so many of us such a wonderful memory! Thank you Joni!







You exude such passion for bringing glee and sensuality to each participant. Your creativity of combining the sandy beach, the full moon and belly dancing was tremendous fun.  Thank you for an evening of sheer joy and inspiration!!”





Sexy is more than just some clothes you wear or whether you look like a magazine model. Its an internal state of being. Every woman has it. And its time to wake it up, show it to yourself and then bring that out into the world as a strong sexy empowered woman.

And when you talk to us about this concept -WE BELIEVE YOU. We believe it is possible that we have that strong sexy empowered woman hiding inside of us somewhere. No matter what we think we lack or how we don’t match society’s images of sexy. And its not bad or wrong to be sexy. Nor is it impossible or unattainable for us.

Very powerful message you have! And I thank you for sharing it. It has made a definite difference in me….




Joni has empowered me to uncover the sexy woman that gets buried underneath the mom, wife, and business hats.  My body is trimmer and more flexible than when I started taking Joni’s classes three years ago.  IntenSati, in particular has made me more aware of my body and habits, empowering me to make healther choices now.  Thank you Joni for creating such a wonderful place and experience for me.”



Picture is of a pin Elpida had made as a gift for Joni.

Joni is amazing.  I’ve had many private lessons with Joni, including pole and lap dancing sessions.  She is fun, patient and really teaches you what to do.  Whether you’re a true beginner or looking to kick up your moves a bit, Joni is able to get you to achieve your goals.  Joni makes you feel completely at ease, and her sense of comfort with her own body carries over to your own.  You will have so much fun!!!