What did you eat as a child?  What were the habits, the norm?  Did you eats lots of fruits and veggies, or lots of crap?

This was the norm for me:

For breakfast, I had a bowl of cereal with cow’s milk.  On Sunday mornings, before church, we had eggs, English muffins, and bacon.

For lunch, I brought a cold cut sandwich to school every day.  I have to be honest – I don’t remember what I had to drink or what my snack was.

After school, I had cookies and milk every day.

For dinner, we usually had a meat, a carbohydrate, a canned vegetable, and a salad.  I remember having ice cream as special treat for dessert occasionally.

Since years have passed, I’ve gained great awareness that this is not the best way to eat.  According to my Mom, the available information at that time, and our family budget, this was good eating.  I realize this way of eating no longer serves me, or my family.

Have you created new eating habits for yourself, or have you continued with the same eating patterns you had as a child?  This is not a super easy process.  It requires rethinking, but you and your loved ones are SO WORTH IT!!

I’m glad to say, I made a big effort to get rid of the cold cuts at lunch time in my family.    I never eat it.  My children and husband eat it once in awhile.  I purchased thermoses for my children and pack them leftovers from dinner often. This is progress.

I also made a huge effort over the past year to get rid of cold cereals in the morning.  They’re filled with sugar and it’s not a good way to begin the day.  I haven’t fully won this battle yet.  My children eat healthier options more than 50% of the time.  They eat a fruit smoothie, or eggs.

We never eat canned vegetables – yuck!  We eat fresh or frozen.

We eat canned beans.  I’ve tried cooking the beans from the bag, but I always seem to burn them, so I’ll continue with the beans from the can, preferably organic.

As I’ve expressed, I’m flirting with being vegetarian.  I minimize my meat, and reach for healthy, non-meat choices most of the time.  My family is adjusting a little at a time.

I invite you to be aware of your food choices.


Please share below:  How are you eating differently than you did as a child?  What is your favorite, healthiest food you eat?