Molten Motion

Hey Moms, have you lost a sense of self?

Do you feel like something’s missing in life?

Are you craving a meaningful shift in your life?


At different times in my life, I answered yes to these questions too.  I had a reality check when I became a Stay At Home Mom.  I left the business world to care for my family.  I LOVED being a full time Mommy to my precious toddlers.  I was rockin’ being a Mom – story time at the library, swimming lessons, play dates, and more.  It was fun, but something was missing. 


I remember extending an invitation to a fellow Mommy I met at story time.  I recall a pivotal point in the conversation – I asked “what do you do for fun?”.  Her response was, “we go to the playground . . . . “.  My stomach twisted.  I asked HER what she did for fun, and SHE responded what her and her SON do for fun, which let’s face it, is totally dictated by her son.  I was looking to learn more about her and I don’t think she had a clue who SHE was.  


There was such a HUGE disconnect in her daily life.  She lost her sense of self, which is very common among new Moms.  New Moms are completely wrapped up in the babies’ world, serving him/her 24/7.  I know.  I’ve been there.  I reflect very fondly upon those days, but I definitely had a feeling like something was missing.  That something missing was ME!!  I had lost my relationship with ME. 


Losing a sense of self also shows up as destructive behaviors in how poorly I was eating, beating myself up about my body, complaining, irritability, and my list went on and on. 


Can you relate?  Can you picture the exact moment you realized you disconnected with YOU?  Have you done anything about it?


You’ll be surprised where I discovered myself. 


Back in 1994, as a sweet, loving (and a little bored) stay at home Mom, I was intrigued with pole dancing as a means of empowerment and fitness.  My fave gal pal, Oprah, told me all about it one afternoon.  I was soooo intrigued that I actually left my family for three weeks to train to be a sensual pole dance instructor.  Yes, isn’t that crazy?


As I began to teach sensual pole dance, I had a major shift.  For the first time in a long time, I was taking time out for me, rejoicing in how my body moves and how delicious it feels.  I danced full out as the curvy, strong, wonderful (and even sexy) woman I am, without apology.  As a Mom I was denying that sexy side of me.  I’m a Mom – what’s sexy about that?  Well, I certainly don’t feel that way anymore!!


Since then, I’ve trained with mentors in living a life of pleasure, setting and living your life’s intention, and being completely present in life.  It’s been quite a joyful ride.


Molten Motion is a culmination of all my greatest lessons and experiences.  The dance movement always juiced me up, owning my curves and celebrating them.  I’ve witnessed many women’s movement shift as they stood in their power, proud of their curves.  I’ve stripped the pole out of the movement, added a body loving coaching style, and created Molten Motion to create a little extra love in the world.  It’s about creating an abundance of love for self, and showing up for the world in a whole new way, ready to play full out.

If I’m beating myself up, how can I possibly be the great Mom I desire to be?  If I’m destroying myself inside, how can I be the lover I want to be with my sweet, darling husband?  If I’m sad, miserable and filled with self-hatred, how can I possibly step up to share Molten Motion with you?

In order to play full out with life, you need a strong foundation.  That foundation is your most important relationship – the one you have with YOU.  Molten Motion is the journey to an abundance of self-love so you can show up for the world ready to play full out. 

Molten Motion is a movement:

a physical movement of one’s beautiful body,

and a powerful movement to change one’s thinking to an abundance of self-love.

Molten Motion is:

  • An unwavering abundance of self-love.

  • A sexy hot workout.

  • A slow sensual dance movement to celebrate your gorgeous, feminine form.

  • A fun, body loving coaching experience.

  • A love for all bodies with tremendous gratitude (full, round, big, just right, and the skinny ones too).

The beautiful, slow feminine movement strengthens your body as it builds your unwavering abundance of self-love.  Imagine walking in to a room filled with strangers with your head up high, ditching your self-doubt, and celebrating your life.  It’s all possible and within your reach.  Authentic self-love is a fabulous juicy experience.  I highly recommend it (obviously).  I invite you to be completely present in your body and move in a pleasurable, sexy way.  This is a wonderful, magical way to:

release inhibitions, strengthen your body, increase your confidence, improve your posture change your negative internal language to one of sweet love, change self loathing to self loving, learn to be completely present in movement and in life, engage your mind to think about how you truly feel in your own skin, take complete pleasure in your exercise, and nurture your body.

A Little Molten Motion Love:


” Joni’s Molten Motion was fabulously sexy and empowering!  All woman!  It got me out of my head and into my body.  It’s a celebration of the divine feminine.”


Feminine empowerment, supportive sisterhood.  I learned that sexiness comes from the inside.  All women are sexy and deserve to feel it from the inside out.  Thank you Joni – this is powerful work you do and I am so grateful for you. ”
xo Christina