My absolute favorite snack is cookies and milk.  It’s no wonder since that’s what I had every day when I came home from school as a child.  I got in to my play clothes and then I ate my cookies and milk.  YUM!!  I was on auto-pilot.  Without thought, I came home everyday, changed in to my play clothes and I ate my cookies and milk.  This made my happy.

As an adult, I realize this doesn’t serve me well anymore – to have cookies and milk daily.  I prefer to fuel my body with good wholesome foods instead of cookies daily.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have my cookies!  I simply choose not to have them daily.  My body feels better when I’m fully conscious in my food choices.  I don’t get stuffed.  I don’t feel bloated.  My clothes fit better.  I enjoy my food thoroughly.

Eating smartly is not simply about commitment, willpower, and dedication.  It has a lot to do with what you’re thinking, or very often, what you’re not thinking.

Are you fully conscious and paying attention when you select what you’re going to eat?  Are you fully aware when you eat?

TAKE ACTION: Where are you on auto pilot in your not so healthy eating habits?  Turn off the auto pilot and choose your food choices for yourself.

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