My husband told me not to, but I did it anyway. I chose to stop my Parkinson’s medications cold turkey to see how (I hate to say this) sick I truly am.

I remember a conversation with my neurologist stating it was okay to stop the medications cold turkey for 2 to 3 days to really know what my base is. I wasn’t quite sure if it was two or three days so I called my neurologist when I was off the medication for one full day. I quickly learned I‘m not supposed to go off the medication cold turkey. Instead I’m supposed to wean slowly off the medication. Whoops!

I continued my path and didn’t feel too bad. I was off my Parkinson’s meds for three full days. I felt a little extra sore in my left shoulder. I definitely experienced difficulty sleeping. Did you know difficulty sleeping is a symptom of Parkinson’s? Overall, I didn’t feel too bad.

The worst part was when I went back on my meds. I started on a Tuesday night and Wednesday morning was awful. I was lifeless and limp. After a long nap, I felt a lot better. I returned to my norm (on meds) within 24 hours.


This is what I get from this experience:

1. How come I recall it was OK to stop meds cold turkey? Maybe it was OK while I was on only one med, but now I’m on two? Maybe my mind is slipping? Grrr! It’s a little frustrating.

2. It’s quite notable that I felt my worst when I returned to the meds! Is this the universe, or my body wisdom telling me I don’t need the meds?

So much to ponder . . .