Please remain calm . . .

It sounds like something an airline attendant would say, right?

Here are a few ways to be calm during the high winds and rain:

  1. Meditate – Focus on your breath as you visualize sunshine and stillness.  Send love to the beauty of our earth.
  2. Listen to soothing sweet music.  Take it all in.  Identify the instruments you hear, create an image of the recording of the music, truly be with the music.
  3. Sing.  This is great with young children.  Instead of focusing on the sound of the strong winds, distract and enjoy yourselves with your favorite children’s songs.
  4. Dance as you listen to your ipod.  Connect with the music and feel it in your soul.  Move your body freely without any limitations.  Pretend your body is an instrument to complement the sound the artists have all created.  Your dance is part of the musician/artists’ vision.
  5. Take complete pleasure in an extra dose of juicy self-care.  Here are a couple suggestions:
      • Rub lotion all over your body as you declare your love for each body part.
      • Write a love note to YOU.  Be descriptive.  Comment on all the things you love about YOU.
      • Paint your finger nails, and your toe nails too.



What do you do to create ‘calm’ in your life?  Please share.