I sit and ponder my experience with my first 5K.

I showed up. I jogged / walked / jogged / walked. I completed it.

My husband was surprised I wasn’t happy and smiley to cross the finish line.   You know what? I was exhausted, wiped, and pooped. That’s why I wasn’t happy and smiley.

I was tired of pushing my body to jog and it just couldn’t. This is infuriating.

Is it because I’m simply not fit? Is it because I didn’t push myself enough? Is it because I got to bed late the night before? Is it because of the disease? Why couldn’t I jog the whole 5K?

Grrrrrrrr!!!!????!!!!! (and a few bad words)

One of the healers I met told me in simple terms, the electricity in my body does not move smoothly, making it harder for me to exercise. I have to exert more energy to accomplish what I used to. This is quite an adjustment for me to absorb and accept.

Personally, I don’t want to accept it. I just don’t (insert stomp of the feet here).

It was difficult to stick with it when my body was not showing up the way I wanted it to.

I’m grateful I completed the 5K.


When have you been tempted to give up? How did you get through it?