I say Yay! every day, do you?

I’ve noticed more and more this has become a new norm for me and I LOVE IT.

I notice the good times, special moments, simple things, and people I love with a Yay!

Literally! I think it became most apparent when I was walking with my 2 friends, Hilary and Lisa, daily at 7 AM. I actually leapt with joy as I shouted Yay!

My Yay! is an expression of:

I LOVE this exact moment in time

I FEEL the perfection in exercising first thing in the morning

I BURST with joy for the dazzling conversations with wonderful, insightful friends

I REJOICE in my ability to walk a few miles daily

I ADORE the beauty of the day

I EXPRESS JOY in my ability to leap

MY HEART EXPANDS WITH GRATITUDE for the love and support in my life

I say Yay! when I start a hike, reach a mountain top, complete a hike, receive hugs from my children, see an expression of tremendous love in the eyes of my husband, spend time with friends, do my best ever in a yoga pose,  . . . .

As I write this I recognize I express discontent with a Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Yes, I use this mostly when I’m texting or emailing. It perfectly captures my feeling at the time of – I’m not happy about this. I use Grrrrrrrrrrrr! very little because I’m much more of a Yay! personality.

Now, I ask you, do you Yay!? If so, what is your Yay!?