I had a really tough November and December dealing with the Parkinson’s.  Sometimes I felt a buzz throughout my entire body and I felt like I could cry at the drop of a hat.  That’s so unlike me, but that’s what was going on for my body at that time.  I kept a low profile and paid extra close attention to what was going on in my body.  I also began to pay more attention to my intuition, or maybe it’s the universe - it’s still unclear to me . . .

I noticed I was having an emotional, stressful couple of months.  After some soul searching, I chose to lessen my responsibilities and work only half time.  This has been wonderful.  I’m catching up with friends, with exercise (if that’s even possible?), and it feels right.  I don’t know how long I will have the opportunity to do this for, but for now, it’s working out real nicely.

With this lightened load, I’m really paying attention to what’s around me.  For instance, as I listened to a friend talk about a workshop he was going to offer, I felt a little extra pitter patter in my chest.  I responded with a little excitement, ‘I used to teach workshops’.  It was the first time I actually missed it.  That experience led me to sharing Molten Motion a few weeks ago.  I am grateful.

I am intentionally slowing down and paying attention . . .

I know you may think this is a little whacky and woo woo, but the universe told me to write again.  I know, crazy, right?  You may call your ‘universe’ something else – God, intuition, or [fill in the blank].  Whatever works for you is perfection.  Different people from different areas in my life showed up to encourage me to write again and share:

  • Out of the blue, I just happened to share one very old blog post with my boss.  He said he read my whole blog, really liked it, and suggested I blog again.
  •  I was at a Girls Spa Weekend, and met with two different psychics (I had never met with a psychic in my life).  I had the opportunity to meet with both of them on a Sunday morning, and so I did.  They both suggested I write.
  •  I was at a business meeting at Manipura Power Yoga and Val said. ‘Do you blog?  I’d like to read about what you have to say’.  How sweet is that?
  •  I’ve been part of a book club for just a few weeks and made some new friends.  When I shared my ‘6 months since the diagnosis’ story, Marianne responded with, ‘Sounds like a blog post’.  That was it!!  I committed in that moment to write, post, and share within one week, and so I did.

I could have never noticed all these experiences.  I could have ignored them.  I could have doubted my writing skills and never taken action.  I could have been too busy to see/notice any of this.

 I’m truly grateful I’m paying attention. 


If you slowed down, what do you think you may notice?