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My Super Power


The power to choose my thoughts and what I think of my Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis is my super power. I can choose to sit and sulk, or I can choose to stand in my...


Tough time in yoga today

I pet my left arm with love and gratitude multiple times during child’s pose in yoga this morning. I’m still adjusting to how my body shows up at any given moment. As I fully...


Dear Penelope


Dear Penelope (aka my experience living with Parkinson’s Disease), Hmmmmm, it’s been a big surprise for YOU to visit ME.  I never, in a million years, expected you. There were no notecards or signs...


I HATE this!

Runner feet.jpg

I continue to prepare to run my first 5K on Sunday. I’m not doing as well as I had planned. Originally, my goal was to jog the full 5K. Now, my goal is to...