Have you ever done something so cool, so unique, that you wanted to share it with the world?  You discovered a secret, experienced something wonderful, and now you want to shout about it from the tree tops?

I went to Catamount Aerial Adventure Park on Friday with my family.  I had the best time ever!!  It was incredible!  The park was a bunch of obstacle courses up in the trees.

We arrived not knowing exactly what to expect, which was part of the fun.  We knew there were zip lines, which we love.  The rest was completely unknown to us.  We got fitted in our zip lining gear and headed over to the park.  It was like walking on to a movie set.  As you approach a wooded area, you look up, and there are people up in the trees.  Literally, there were people up in the trees.  They weren’t just 10 feet up.  They were up to approximately 75 feet up.  It was wild.

We started on the beginner course.  As you begin, you really don’t know what the course is going to be like, what you’re going to have to do, or anything.  It’s a fun, exciting, adventurous unknown and I was pumped!

We had to walk across bridges, step on rickety looking, shifty logs (up in the air), zip line, and much more.

After the first course, my son and I were eager to advance to the more difficult courses.  I was expecting to go up one level, but my son talked me in to skipping the next ranking course to go to an advanced course.  I could have so easily had my sensible Mommy hat on, and said, No Way, and I’m so glad I didn’t.  I was a little apprehensive, but I went.  I’m grateful I did.  It was a challenge to strategize how to get from one platform to another platform high up in the trees.  It was like a puzzle to figure out how to get from here, over to there, without falling.

I showed up that day, eager to play, and I did!  I had the best time!!

An extra added bonus from the experience was that my son saw me as a fierce, excited, well strategized, brave, courageous woman.  I kept up with him.  How cool is that?  He even said to me, ‘Mom I bet you’re going to come here when you’re 70’.  I can’t wait!!



Now it’s your turn.  Please share with me when you’ve been challenged, almost played small, and then decided to play full out?  I can’t wait to hear about it.  Thanks in advance for sharing.