If I was on the dating scene – this would be a deal breaker for me – how much time does he spend with his phone while we are together?  There should be no time spent with the phone.  Nope, NONE!!  Well, maybe he could check the weather quickly if we were planning to go hiking the next day, but that’s it!

During a conversation, I deserve to be the center of your attention.  Period!  That’s it.  Now, I understand, there may be children at home that may require immediate attention, and I can cut some slack for that, but otherwise – NOPE!

Multi-tasking is way overrated!!  Can you read a book, do the dishes, write an email, text a friend, and plan a party all at the same time?  I know – it seems crazy!  The never ending use of technology has pushed me over the edge.

People are losing out on the experience of any one thing.  We’re trying to do too much at any one time and it’s thinning out our experience of life.  I want to experience life fully, completely, every ounce of it – don’t you?

I remember a student constantly checking her phone during a sensual pole dance class.  Do you think she was fully present and receiving the benefits of the great hot sexy workout she was trying to do as she checked her phone every 5 minutes?  No, I don’t think so.  Her body, mind, and spirit were shortchanged on the entire experience.

It also kills me when people in my home (I won’t use any names) want to sit with a laptop on his/her lap as they watch TV.  Can you do one or the other, and not both?  Do you really think you can get the full experience of watching a TV show as you type away on a keyboard?  NO, I don’t think so.  Pick one and do one.

Often, it turns out that you focus on one thing and the others become distractions.  There are so many options of how to spend your time.  Pick one, avoid the distractions, and do that one thing.  Try it.

Now I realize, I’m not a spring chicken (where did that expression come from?) and this may simply be the new norm for the younger generation, but I think people need to be able to be with him/herself without stimulation from a technology device.


Share with me – do you love to multi-task, or do you prefer to focus on one thing at a time?  If you’re a big multi-tasker, are you certain you’re getting the full experience?