I’d love to share with you some information that is not widely shared on how to eat in a healthy, good for your body, kind of a way.  What to eat and not to eat is super important, but there’s more to it than that.  There are ways of eating your food that support your best health.  Try them out!

1.  Slow down! Yes, eating slowly is much better for your body than woofing down your food.  Eating slowly releases the physiological stress response and all the havoc it creates on your health and nutritional metabolism.    Be fully present and conscious as you eat.  Enjoy your food.  Use all five senses to truly enjoy your meal. Feel the texture in your mouth.  Smell the fragrance.  See the vibrant color of fresh fruit.  Taste the flavors.  Listen to the crunch of a crisp apple.  

2.  Relax as you eat. Relaxing as you eat releases the physiological responses to stress.  Do not work as you eat.  Do not engage in stressful conversations.  Do not multi task as you eat.  Become a mindful eater, a soulful eater.  Play gentle calm music, light a candle and create a relaxed eating environment.

3.  Breathe. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths before and after a meal to increase oxygen.  If you interfere with your body’s natural switch to deeper breathing because of anxiety or overstimulation, you limit your ability to burn calories. The simple rule here is: if you eat more, breathe more.


Try it out.  Before you eat your next meal, take 5 deep breaths.  Eat your meal slowly in a relaxed state.  Let me know how it feels.  Pay attention to how your body feels.  Do you experience any bloating or sensation of being stuffed?  Report back with how it ws for you.  Thanks so much.