As you may know, I’m a BIG Oprah fan.  Her shows have served as such an inspiration to me.  I’d like to share with you a VERY special Oprah show with guest Erin Kramp.  She first appeared on Oprah back in 1998 to share her story.  She had been diagnosed with cancer and handled it with love, smiles, and a clear intention.  Her daughter was 6 at the time and felt like she had so much to teach her daughter.  Erin created hundreds of videos of herself talking to her daughter on every topic imaginable – makeup, boys, and even expressing it’s OK for Daddy to marry someone else.  It was AMAZING.  Erin expressed so much love and intention during her cancer and journey to her end.  She could’ve been stuck in ‘woe is me’ but didn’t.  She focused on the love in her life and expanded upon it. 
I watched this before I had children of my own.  I was so impressed with her positive outlook, acceptance of what was for her, and her actions to express such incredible love for her child.
Now, as a Mom of two magnificent children, I’m so aware of their importance at all times.  I live this in different ways, big and small.  First of all, I always stop what I’m doing to welcome them home from school with open arms.  I also listen to them, their complaints, their requests, and consider them before I respond to a request of theirs.  I want to shower my children with love just like Erin Kamp showered her daughter with love.
What’s most important in your life?  Do you live your life in synch with what’s most important?  Please share one action you will take today to be in synch with what’s most important to you.  Thank you in advance for sharing.