Where do happy people come from?  What makes a person happy, and another one not so happy?

It all comes down to a matter of choice.

Do you think a happy person has never gone through difficult, tough times?

Do you think an unhappy person has never experienced joy?

My answer is No, and No.  What makes someone happy or unhappy?

It’s the choice to be happy or unhappy.  That’s it!

How you feel about your life, happy or unhappy is a result of what you think about your life.

If you begin your day with empowering thoughts such as:

  • I’m building my dream life today.
  • I’m starting my day with a run, shower, healthy breakfast, and I’ll arrive at work on time.
  • I am a patient, joyful Mom.
  • I am having a powerful day.

How do you think life will show up for you?

If you begin your day with dreary thoughts such as:

  • I don’t want to get out of bed.
  • I’m hitting snooze again.
  • The sun is shining too bright – it’s in my eyes.
  • I look a mess.

How do you think life will show up for you?

Each individual can experience the same exact day and at the end of the day, the description of it would be completely different.

The recall of my day is up to me and it begins with how I start my day, what I think throughout my day, and how I live my day.

What are YOU thinking?



How are you going to begin your day tomorrow?  What rosey thoughts can you think to start your day off right?  Please share below.